Vardys Road Public School

I Aspire

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About our school

Welcome to Vardys Road Public School.

Our core beliefs

School mission

We aim to create a caring environment where staff, students and parents are valued and respected and where quality education is provided for all students.

School vision

We aim to ensure that all students attain their academic and creative potential and develop interpersonal skills that will enable them to contribute responsibly to a changing society. 

School beliefs and values

We aim:

  • To encourage student commitment to personal excellence based on a set of positive values and acceptance of responsibility for their own learning.
  • To foster a strong partnership between teachers, students and parents based upon trust, respect and co-operation.
  • To create a learning environment that is happy, safe and supportive and one in which achievement is promoted and celebrated.
  • To encourage the professional development of teachers.
  • To develop an effective communication network.
  • To develop respect for others and an appreciation of Australia's heritage.
  • To develop a capacity for change in the school community.
  • To support the school's identified priorities by ensuring equitable allocation and effective use of resources.

School history

Vardys Road Public School is located on the boundary of two western Sydney suburbs, Kings Langley and Seven Hills. The former gained its name from Mathew Pearce's land grant of 22 July 1795. He had arrived at Sydney Cove on board the "Surprise" on 2 May 1794. Upon receiving his land grant, he named it Kings Langley after the village in which he was born. This village is 20 miles from London. 

Mathew Pearce is also responsible for the naming of Seven Hills for it was from his original land grant that seven hills were visible. The official name of the Seven Hills district can be traced back to 1800. 

Vardys Road gained its name from an ex-convict, John Vardy, who arrived in the colony on board 'The Queen' in 1791. By 1802 he had been 'freed by servitude' and was registered as a labourer. His son John was granted the land on which the school was built, sometime after 1812. 

The Minister for Education, Mr R. J. Heffron, approved of the establishment of Vardys Road Public School on 2 April 1959. It was opened on 24 May 1960, and by 1961 had an enrolment of 330 pupils. Mr Edward Hicks was its first principal.

School crest

Our school crest bears the state floral emblem, the waratah, and the Australian wattle. It clearly symbolises our place in Australia.

Our motto, 'I Aspire' reflects the aspirations of our students in working towards attaining their place in a forever changing society.

School song

Vardys Road our school we honour,
"I Aspire" is on our banner
Work and play with all our might
And always do the right.
Try our best at lessons,
When temptation beckons,
May our courage never fail
You our school we hail!
Onward then, the right pursuing
Let us all be up and doing
Vardys Road our school we honour,
To our school be true.  

School pledge

Our pledge is based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge. At all formal assemblies and events, we reaffirm our promise to become great Australian citizens. 

As an Australian,  I pledge my loyalty to:

  • Australia and its people;
  • its democratic beliefs;
  • its laws; and
  • the freedom and the rights that we share.

Bell times

The bell rings at the following times:

  • 8:30am – commencement of supervision in the playground
  • 8:55am – students move to lines
  • 11:00am – beginning of recess
  • 11:25am – music begins to remind students to go to toilets and move to recess lines
  • 11:30am – end of recess
  • 1:20pm – eating time in class
  • 1:30pm – play time
  • 1:55pm – music begins, students move to lines at classrooms
  • 2:00pm – end of lunch
  • 3:00pm – home time.